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Back to School Meals – Don’t Forget About Breakfast too!

I can feel it in the air, parents eagerly awaiting the first day of school. Don’t get me wrong, I know you love your kids—I sure do, and I’VE loved the precious time that we’ve had with them over the summer. But the idea of back to routine, and the sanity it brings, is like […]

Recipe of the Week: Avocado Lime Sorbet

Easy To Make Frozen Summer Dessert Recipe When I was a kid summer meant living in my bathing suit and flip flops, hanging out at the pool with friends or lounging in the shade with a good book. And of course, eating popsicles, ice cream, and other frozen treats. Sadly I no longer get to […]

Immune Boosting for Kids

Last year, my family and I made it through the whole winter with only one cold! Think that’s impossible? It’s not, and I’ll tell you how we did it. For starters, we made sure the usual precautions were taken – ate lots of vegetables and fruit, drank lots of water, practiced good hand-washing, and made […]

5 Ways to Host a Healthy Super Bowl Party

My husband loves football. I love parties. So the Super Bowl is the one day a year when our interests happily meet. I love Super Bowl recipes, but I don’t want to make our party a four-hour marathon of fat-filled dips, salty chips and calorie-rich drinks. So this year, I’m giving our party a healthier […]

How to Survive Holiday Parties With Your Kids

The festive season is upon us. Festive party invitations are arriving via email and in the mailbox.  Some invitations may be adult only parties, but some may include the kids. Depending on the age of your child or children, heading out to a gathering of work colleagues, distant family members or friends of friends might […]

Wild About Greens Cookbook Review

How to Cook Leafy Greens So They Look and Taste Fantastic – Savvy Vegetarian Review Nava Atlas’s most recent cookbook, ‘Wild About Greens’ is both timely and useful, with 125 delectable vegan recipes for leafy veggies everyone should love. I say ‘should’ because we all know by now that we need to eat more green […]

Should You Stop Taking Your Omega-3 Supplement?

What if you turned on the news and heard that the world was flat? And, to support that bold claim, the news anchor shared the results of one study. Would you believe it at first pass? While this example may seem far-fetched, something similar happened recently in the nutrition world: a new research review proposing […]

7-Day Dinner Plan to Eat for a Week and Hardly Cook at All

Sometimes it’s not easy to motivate yourself to cook on a weeknight. You’re tired from working all day or maybe your kid’s soccer practice ran late. You feel rushed while you’re cooking, rushed while you eat, and then of course there’s the cleanup. You could go out to a restaurant, but that gets pricy. Plus […]

Which is healthier: chocolate fudge or chocolate bark?

When I’m invited to someone’s house for dinner, I never show up empty-handed. Call me Southern (which is a compliment!) but I think bringing a little offering says, “Thank you so much for inviting me over and serving me food.” I used to bring a bottle or wine or flowers, but recently I’ve been whipping […]

Kale & Cucumber Salad with Avocado Tahini Dressing

Simple recipe packed with flavor & nutrition from Nava Atlas’s ‘Wild About Greens’ cookbook Massaged kale served simply with cucumbers, carrots, and a luscious avocado and tahini dressing is an incredible treat. Savvy Veg is a big kale fan who had never eaten massaged kale, but is now an enthusiastic convert to kale salads, thanks […]

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