The Anatomy of a Healthy Foot

Its easy to forget about your feet until something goes wrong with them….check out this infographic: Via: MiToe Mark Dilworth, BA, PES Her Fitness Hut (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) The post The Anatomy of a Healthy Foot appeared first on Her Fitness Hut. Her Fitness Hut

Top 5 Women’s Shape Your Figure Articles in 2013

Its December—are you still trying to burn fat, lose weight and shape your figure? If you are, your sticking point could be that you are trying to lose weight. Try a different approach in 2014.  Burn fat, lose inches and […] ? Read the rest of this entry… (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) The […]

Mom Alert: Top Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Blogs

Becoming a mom comes with a lot of new challenges: coping with lost sleep, caring for a surprisingly demanding little human, and, perhaps most infamously, getting your body back in shape after baby. While it can be hard to imagine […] ? Read the rest of this entry… (Visited 5 times, 1 visits today) The […]

The Truth About Women’s Fitness

In the last couple of decades, women in particular have been getting more concerned with the state of their fitness in relationship to a healthy body image. Women of past ages have always been concerned over their weight and desire to keep a girlish figure. But the trend for exercise has never been greater than […]

Near Water’s Edge: 5 Ways the Miracle Liquid Keeps You Healthy

by Alicia Lawrence Drinking water daily is a chore for some. Not as tasty or fizzy as soda, water can be rather boring, but that’s only at first glance. As more Americans become health conscious and the trend to curb sugary […] ? Read the rest of this entry… (Visited 2 times, 2 visits today) The […]

Is Hilary Swank Hot?

An episode of the hit television show, The Office, had an “important question” come up….Is Hilary Swank hot?   They actually stopped working to debate this question.  Half said yes and the other half said no….Well, let’s see……….. The Million […] ? Read the rest of this entry… (Visited 10 times, 1 visits today) The […]

How To Get Your Pre-Baby Abs Back: Top Three Tips

Two months postpartum, and a photobomb by Emma and Cole How can you get your pre-baby abs back after delivering one baby? What about getting your pre-baby abs back after delivering two babies or more? Here are my top three tips. 1. Maintain a fit pregnancy and continue to work your core during pregnancy. If […]

Changing My Expectations

In other news — is he the cutest little pumpkin you’ve ever seen, or what? I have never enjoyed politics. I don’t like watching the news and hearing about how much the democrats hate the republicans, and vice versa, I cannot stand the political ads online or over commercial breaks around election time, and I […]

5 Steps to Restart Your Weight Loss Progress

It takes hard, smart workouts and timely nutrition to burn fat and lose weight. Over-training with longer and longer workouts are not better for you and can leave you leave you tired, frustrated and ill. If you are at a […] ? Read the rest of this entry… (Visited 35 times, 4 visits today) The […]

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Athlete

It’s there, living deep within or just under the surface, your inner athlete. Strong, persistent, hungry for attention, your inner athlete yearns for the freedom to prove just how great she really is. Are you feeding your inner athlete or quietly suffocating her until she no longer exists? It really is up to you to […]

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