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10 Crafts to burn off that pre-holiday energy

by Stacy-Ann Gooden posted in Tips & Tricks The countdown until Christmas is well underway, and lot of kids are anxiously waiting for the day when they can open gifts. But before then, parents may be trying to come up with ways to keep their little ones busy. It’s the perfect time to channel all… […]

Deals of the week: 6 last-minute gifts to score before Christmas

by Lesley Kennedy posted in Products & Prizes Ooh, I really want to pay full price for that. Said no one. Ever. In a perfect world, we’d all have time to be extreme couponers, but there are mouths to feed, dishes to wash, work to be done. No worries – we’ve rounded up the week’s… […]

Liz Lange Dream Maternity Wardrobe Sweepstakes!

by BabyCenter Staff posted in Products & Prizes This post is part of a sponsorship with Liz Lange Maternity for Target When I was pregnant with my boys I lived in Liz Lange maternity clothes from Target. In fact, there was never a doubt that I would be making a spin through the maternity section… […]

25 darling Santa babies!

by Laura Larsen posted in Mom Stories BabyCenter Community has been running a Dressed for the Holidays photo contest, and wow did we get a lot of gorgeous, adorable entries! Some of the sweetest were of babies either with Santa Claus, or dressed as Santa Claus (or one of his elves!) Santa comes in all… […]

Brittle-bone babies helped by fetal stem cell grafts

Osteogeneis imperfecta (OI) is a congenital bone disease that causes stunted growth and repeated, painful fracturing. Ultrasound scans can reveal fractures already in the fetus, and now an international team of researchers has treated two babies in utero by injecting bone-forming stem cells. ScienceDaily: Infant Health News

Elective early-term deliveries increase complications for baby, mother

Enduring the last few weeks of pregnancy can be physically and emotionally challenging for some women. The aches and pains, the swelling of the limbs and the anxiety of when labor may start are part of the natural gestation process, but they also can seem unbearable. It may seem easier to relieve symptoms associated with […]

Bond with your kids while decorating these festive Christmas cookies

by Leah Speer posted in Life & Home These cookies are phenomenal!  Over the years, I’d beg my mom to make dozens each Christmas. As many of you know, I have very little patience for baking.  Very little…as you can see in my drippy iced cookies in this photo. But, once I had children of… […]

Amazing area rugs add flair to any baby nursery

by Project Nursery posted in Life & Home Here’s another fun post from our friends at Project Nursery! By Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio We may think of them as a conventional room detail to consider when planning your nursery, but Project Nursery is here to tell you that area rugs can add so much… […]

Gratitude empowers 15-year-old wrestler to find perseverance to walk again

by Leah Speer posted in Mom Stories #HunterStrong It’s a hashtag that is bringing the country together in support of a high school freshman who suffered a spinal injury during a wrestling match last Saturday. Within minutes of hearing the news, a fellow Alpha Omicron Pi sorority sister used Facebook to reach out to dozens… […]

Baby laundry 101: 5 tips for washing baby clothes

by Jennifer Borget posted in Tips & Tricks This post is part of a sponsorship with Dreft. For more baby clothing tips check out the dos and don’ts of newborn clothing. I’m amazed at how many baby clothes we’ve accumulated and how quickly my kids grow out of them. When I buy new outfits I picture… […]

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