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11 beautiful before & after maternity photos

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories It’s true, what everybody says: In the end, the memory of childbirth quickly fades. Looking back, I don’t recall exactly what I was thinking, or what people said, or even how much it hurt. Even years later, though, I do still remember the moment when the doctor laid… […]

Should I homeschool my kids?

by Stacy-Ann Gooden posted in Mom Stories High school is a distant memory for me. But it feels like it was just yesterday. A friend and I reminisced about those days when the only responsibility we had back then was making sure we completed our homework assignments and showed up for class. The conversation quickly… […]

Are you afraid to delegate your “mom-chores?”

by Sarah Welch posted in Life & Home Is there a ‘right’ way to load a dishwasher? Or fold the laundry? Or make play dates? Let me answer that for you (and the deeply insecure part of me). There isn’t. That kind of thinking is a trap. A trap that keeps you stuck. On a… […]

10 Questions: Jacqueline Kung, MD

(MedPage Today) — What is your “elevator pitch” to persuade someone to become a doctor? Medicine is one of the only professions where you get to help people directly every day, you will never be bored, and you will always be needed and valued, says Jacqueline Kung, MD, of Tufts Medical Center in Boston. That’s […]

4 ways to make a charity party awesome for the birthday kid

by Melissa Byers posted in Tips & Tricks There are so many reasons why having a birthday party that requests donations to a charity in lieu of gifts makes sense. Sometimes little ones have all they need and parents are feeling the “stuff” overload. Other times kids are passionate about a specific cause. In all… […]

Ways to eat more fruits and vegetables in 2014

by Kami Bigler posted in Life & Home I love January because it gives everyone a fresh start – a chance to get back on track. If you’ve got big plans for your physique in 2014, (don’t we all?) you may want to remember the saying, “You lose weight in the kitchen and you get… […]

10 Questions: Rep. Phil Gingrey, MD (R-Ga.)

(MedPage Today) — If you could change one thing about the healthcare system, what would it be? Eliminate Obamacare, says Rep. Phil Gingrey, MD (R-Ga.). That’s his answer to just one of the 10 Questions the MedPage Today staff is asking leading clinicians, researchers, and leaders in their community to get their personal views on […]

Jenny McCarthy’s son never had autism? She speaks out

by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities Have you heard Jenny McCarthy’s son may never have had autism? Renewed interest into the star’s son has prompted her to speak out and address speculation Evan Asher was misdiagnosed. The conversation began on January 3, when RadarOnline published a story about a 2010 Time Magazine interview, in which the…… […]

Aw! Nicole Kidman’s girls travel in matching dresses

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Celebrities Time to head home! After spending the holiday season in Australia, Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban caught a flight out of Sydney on January 2 with their adorable daughters Sunday Rose, 5, and Faith Margaret, 3. The girls looked cute as could be in their matching travel… […]

Personalized biochemical analysis of breast milk to help enhance nutrition for the smallest infants

Physicians have launched a pilot study in which mothers’ breast milk is analyzed to determine whether premature infants are receiving the correct amounts of nutrients they need to thrive. The study could lead to a new innovation in personalized medicine: Individually optimized nutrition for the smallest patients. ScienceDaily: Infant Health News

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