Top 6 Women’s Fat Burning Nutrition Articles in 2013

Eat better, feel better and look better.  Changing eating habits you can maintain long-term is usually not a one or two week process, especially if you are trying to change some life-long bad eating patterns. Here are my top 6 […] ? Read the rest of this entry… (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) The […]

Top 5 Women’s Shape Your Figure Articles in 2013

Its December—are you still trying to burn fat, lose weight and shape your figure? If you are, your sticking point could be that you are trying to lose weight. Try a different approach in 2014.  Burn fat, lose inches and […] ? Read the rest of this entry… (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) The […]

New advocacy toolkit supports scale-up of essential commodities for women’s and children’s…

Today marked the launch of a new electronic advocacy toolkit, “Scaling Up Lifesaving Commodities for Women, Children, and Newborns.” The toolkit, developed by PATH and Global Health Visions, is a resource designed to support efforts to translate ten recommendations developed by the UN Commission on Lifesaving Commodities into the national action needed to expand access […]

The Truth About Women’s Fitness

In the last couple of decades, women in particular have been getting more concerned with the state of their fitness in relationship to a healthy body image. Women of past ages have always been concerned over their weight and desire to keep a girlish figure. But the trend for exercise has never been greater than […]

Longer maternity leaves lower women’s risk of postpartum depression

The more leave time from work that a woman takes after giving birth — up to six months — the better protected she will be from experiencing post-partum depression, according to a study led by Dr. Rada K. Dagher, assistant professor of health services administration at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. Pregnancy […]

Women’s views on NHS maternity care published

“Thousands suffer ‘frightening’ births in failing NHS care,” The Daily Telegraph reports, alongside headlines in the Daily Mail and BBC News website about “Worry as women left alone in labour”. These headlines stem from a national survey of women’s experience during pregnancy, labour and birth in England, conducted by the Care Quality Commission. The findings […]

Women’s Vitamin D Levels May Play Role in IVF Success

Title: Women’s Vitamin D Levels May Play Role in IVF SuccessCategory: Health NewsCreated: 8/14/2014 2:36:00 PMLast Editorial Review: 8/15/2014 12:00:00 AM MedicineNet Pregnancy General

7 Hormones Affecting Women’s Fat Burning

Although you might think there are only one or two hormones that control fat burning, that just isn’t true. There are about seven hormones that can have a direct effect on the many pathways that are involved in fat-burning control!… No visits yet The post 7 Hormones Affecting Women’s Fat Burning appeared first on Her […]

2 Top Women’s Upper Body Exercises Burns More Fat

These 2 upper body exercises will burn more fat and you don’t need any weights! That’s good news to women who are always afraid of “getting too bulky.” The 2 bodyweight exercises are pullups and triceps dips on bars. You will… (Visited 170 times, 1 visits today) The post 2 Top Women’s Upper Body Exercises Burns […]

Top 5 Women’s Toned Abs Tips

The key to toning your abs as a woman is to have solid core training, full body strength training and healthy eating habits. As a woman, you can have a strong, powerful core with toned abs. Your body’s core consists… No visits yet The post Top 5 Women’s Toned Abs Tips appeared first on Her […]

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