Ways to eat more fruits and vegetables in 2014

by Kami Bigler posted in Life & Home I love January because it gives everyone a fresh start – a chance to get back on track. If you’ve got big plans for your physique in 2014, (don’t we all?) you may want to remember the saying, “You lose weight in the kitchen and you get… […]

Superfood: Kale

Kale has recently become the new trend in health food these days.  Kale chips, kale smoothies, kale salads… the list goes on.  So, what exactly is so great about this green?  Review the health benefits here, and soon you will be a believer. Anti-inflammatory and detoxifying: Kale reduces inflammatory processes in the body in addition to […]

They Won’t Even Know the Difference

It is not always easy getting toddlers to eat vegetables but as parents it is important to make sure that they are getting the proper nutrients in every meal. While it is a priority for parents to make sure that they are instilling proper values into their children (compassion, responsibility, etc.) it is necessary to […]

Roasted Veggies

As the months turn colder, we tend to turn toward comforting foods that are satisfying and warming.  Root vegetables are excellent cold weather foods that make a beautiful side dish to your main entrée or serve as the lead role in a hearty, nutrient rich meal.  So what vegetables go together for a roasted vegetable […]

Let Them Grow Plants!

Having trouble getting your little ones to eat their vegetables? The trick to getting children to be adventurous eaters is to start introducing them to fun, nutritious foods before it appears on their plate. Here are a few suggestions on ways to get kids to try new foods: Take Them to a Farmer’s Market – […]

Eat More Vegetables Challenge Day 7: Drink Your Vegetables

Some vegetables add delicious creaminess to a smoothie while others add healthy fiber and flavor. Try avocados, leafy greens like kale and spinach, cucumbers or even canned pumpkin or cooked sweet potato for a tasty addition. Try one of Eating Well’s Veggie-Filled Smoothie Recipes: EatingWell Blogs – All Blog Posts

Eat More Vegetables Challenge Day 1: Fill Half Your Plate with Veggies

Simplify healthy meal planning by filling half your plate with veggies. That’s an easy way to know you’ll get the recommended amount of vegetables each day without worrying about the math. How many baby carrots are in a cup? How much broccoli equals a serving? Confused and overwhelmed by keeping track of cups or serving […]

Eat More Vegetables Challenge Day 4: Retrain Your Taste Buds to Love Vegetables

Whether you just never developed a taste for a certain vegetable—or as a child you were forced to eat bland, mushy peas or a mountain of overcooked Brussels sprouts (memories you’re still holding onto)—there’s still hope for you to learn to love new vegetables. EatingWell Blogs – All Blog Posts

Eat More Vegetables Challenge Day 6: Learn the Secrets to Cooking Satisfying Meatless Meals

Put the emphasis on vegetables at mealtime. Pick one day (or just a meal) a week to eat meatless and have veggies be the shinning star on your plate. If you’re worried that you’ll miss the meat, include chewy, satisfying foods like seared firm tofu, grilled mushrooms and nuts, which feel more filling because they […]

‘Often and early’ gives children a taste for vegetables

Exposing infants to a new vegetable early in life encourages them to eat more of it compared to offering novel vegetables to older children, new research suggests. The researchers also found that even fussy eaters are able to eat a bit more of a new vegetable each time they are offered it. Infant’s Health News […]

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