Time To Test Your True Strength

When your workout becomes old and stale, it’s time to test your true strength and ramp up your fitness program. Doing the same exercises at the same level every time you workout is not only boring to your mind, it’s also boring to your muscles. No longer a challenge, your muscles aren’t getting the same […]

‘Promising’ new test for ovarian cancer developed

Ovarian cancer screening ‘has potential’ reports BBC News. Many cases of ovarian cancer are only diagnosed at an advanced stage, so accurate early-stage tests for ovarian cancer are urgently needed. The news is based on research into a two-stage screening test for ovarian cancer among postmenopausal women in the US. Screening was based on measuring a […]

New Pregnancy Tests Estimates How Far Along Women Are

New advancements in technology could let woman not only know if they’re pregnant or not, but also how far along they are. Clearblue, a manufacturer of pregnancy tests, has released the new line Advanced Pregnancy test with Weeks Estimator. How it works is that this test contains two strips instead of the traditional single strip. […]

Put Your Diet To The Test With Your Fitness Journal

If you have been dieting for a while but not seeing the results you would like, try keeping a fitness journal for 30 days and you may see a big difference. I have been keeping a fitness journal for years and it has helped me go above and beyond the goals I have set for […]

Could a DNA test predict obesity risk in children?

“A DNA blood test can predict obesity levels in children as they grow up, scientists claim,” the Metro reports. The test, which is based on measuring “switches” in DNA, may help identify children who would benefit from early intervention. This was a small study of 40 children who had their DNA analysed during early childhood. […]

New DNA test offers miscarriage clues

New research shows an alternative DNA test offers clinically relevant genetic information to identify why a miscarriage may have occurred years earlier. Researchers were able to identify chromosomal variants and abnormalities in nearly 50 percent of the samples. Pregnancy / Obstetrics News From Medical News Today

DNA test better than standard screens in identifying fetal chromosome abnormalities

A new study potentially has significant implications for prenatal testing for major fetal chromosome abnormalities. The study found that in a head-to-head comparison of noninvasive prenatal testing using cell free DNA (cfDNA) to standard screening methods, cfDNA testing (verifi prenatal test, Illumina, Inc.) significantly reduced the rate of false positive results and had significantly higher […]

Public posting of test scores: Motivating or humiliating?

by Stacy-Ann Gooden posted in Mom Stories I’ve seen proud parents post their children’s passing grades on social media sites. But, how often do you see students failing test scores plastered publicly? Apparently, it’s become a standard practice in Holyoke Massachusetts. The Holyoke public school system is using what’s referred to as “data walls”… Want […]

A test kitchen cook’s tricks to master 5 of the most challenging desserts

Even if you are experienced in the kitchen, there are always a few recipes that can throw you off your game. I went to culinary school, I’ve worked in restaurants and bakeries, and I’ve been testing and developing recipes for six years in the EatingWell Test Kitchen—and still I struggle with a few things. For […]

Study examines quick and simple ‘dementia test’

“Alzheimer’s disease: 15-minute test could spot early sign of dementia,” reports The Daily Telegraph. The news is based on a US study that examined the so-called Self-Administered Gerocognitive Examination (SAGE) as a screening tool for mental decline. SAGE assesses a variety of people’s mental functions and can be completed using just a pencil and paper […]