Tech4MH: A guest blog series on technologies for improving maternal health care

The Maternal Health Task Force is excited to announce the launch of Tech4MH, a blog series that will focus on technologies that hold promise for meeting the challenges of delivering maternal health care in low resource settings. The series will feature posts from product designers, health technology and programming experts, and donors on innovations. Posts […]

Tech4MH: Complementary global health innovations should be marketed, sold and shipped together…

Guest Post by Meg Wirth, Founder of Maternova Maternova is a social enterprise building out a fast track for commercialization of life-saving technologies for maternal, newborn and child health.  Why commercialization?  Isn’t the current trend innovation, invention and ideas?  Read on to find out why. Compared to a decade ago, or even five years ago, the global focus […]

Tech4MH: Avoiding mHealth “pilotitis” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start small

Guest Post by Neal Lesh, Chief Strategy Officer at Dimagi Since 2008, Dimagi has helped organizations in 30 countries set up mobile projects with CommCare, an open source mobile platform that supports frontline workers (FLWs). CommCare is actively being used by over 130 frontline programs across numerous development sectors. One of the most compelling and common […]