Natural birth may strengthen immune system, mouse study shows

New knowledge about the immune system has been uncovered by a mouse study, which indicates that natural birth improves the immune system of the pups. Newborns delivered by natural birth are exposed to more bacteria from the mother. The newborn baby’s immune system in this way learns to distinguish between its own harmless molecules and […]

Better blood pressure management during c-section with automated blood pressure management system

New trial results1 have shown that the world’s first Double Intravenous Vasopressor Automated (DIVA) System affords superior control of maternal blood pressure in women undergoing caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia, when compared with manually-administered medication to manage reduced blood pressure (vasopressor). Pregnancy / Obstetrics News From Medical News Today

Pregnancy: overactive immune system linked to offspring brain damage

In a mouse study, researchers found that fetal mice who were exposed in the womb to a maternal immune system in overdrive – due to an infection or other illness – displayed lasting signs of brain damage into adulthood. And the investigators believe their findings could be relevant to human neurologic diseases, such as schizophrenia […]