Stroke risk ‘higher at start of warfarin treatment’

“Warfarin doubles risk of stroke in first week for irregular heartbeat sufferers,” reports The Daily Telegraph. Warfarin is a drug known to reduce the risk of stroke in people with atrial fibrillation, but the results of the study this headline is based on suggest that particular care should be taken when treatment is started. Atrial […]

Journaling Builds Character With Each Stroke Of The Pen

Journaling helps to build character. Keeping a daily record of your activities, keeps you accountable for everything that you do. That is why keeping a fitness journal is so important to the success of your fitness program. With every stroke of the pen, journaling builds character, discipline, and determination. Journaling brings you face to face […]

The Week Ahead: Stroke in Kids, Prayer in Practice

(MedPage Today) — Another installment in the ?I, Intern ?? series, a look at a formal spiritual protocol, teen pregnancy, and the latest on Ebola — all coming this week from MedPage Today. MedPage Today OB/Gyn

Flu jab “may cut” stroke risk by a quarter

A recent report has revealed that people who have the seasonal flu jab are 24% less likely to suffer a stroke, according to The Daily Telegraph The report is based on the results of a large study, which used the GP database for England and Wales to access data on almost 50,000 people who had […]

Ob/Gyns Uneasy With AHA’s Take on Stroke in Pregnancy

NEW ORLEANS (MedPage Today) — Recent guidelines from the American Heart Association on the management of stroke risk in pregnant women differ significantly from those issued by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, maternal-fetal medicine specialists said here. MedPage Today OB/Gyn

Female stroke survivors’ quality of life investigated

“Women have a poorer quality of life after stroke than men,” reports BBC News. This headline stemmed from a new US study that found women had a lower quality of life than men three and 12 months after experiencing a stroke or mini-stroke. Quality of life was assessed using a questionnaire known as the EQ-5D quality […]

Stroke prevention in women: guidelines set for the first time

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association have created guidelines for health care professionals for the prevention of stroke in women for the first time. The new recommendations have recently been published in the journal Stroke.Approximately 795,000 Americans suffer from a new or recurrent stroke every year, with 60% of stroke deaths occurring in women. Pregnancy […]