Day 14: How to Eat More and Still Lose Weight

Wouldn’t you love it if you could eat more and still lose weight? Eating foods that are low in calories, like vegetables, lets you increase the size of your portions. But it’s not just extra veggies; there are other ways to help you pump up the volume of your food as well. Try adding liquids […]

New mothers still excessively sleepy after 4 months, study shows

New mothers are being urged to be cautious about returning to work too quickly, after a study found one in two were still excessively sleepy four months after giving birth. “Sleep disruption strongly influences daytime function, with sleepiness recognized as a risk-factor for people performing critical and dangerous tasks,” an author of the new article […]

Are ads still not getting fatherhood right?

by Joey Lombardi posted in Mom Stories As Father’s Day approaches, a fond spotlight shines on dads everywhere. I have been reading lots of essays from adult children and how awesome and influential their fathers have been in their lives. I have even seen professional wrestlers ruminating on the importance of fatherhood. All of this… […]

Moms’ still overweight at 1 year postpartum at increased risk for diabetes, heart problems

‘Watch out for weight gain within a year of giving birth to prevent new risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.’ That advice for women comes from a study published in the journal Diabetes Care. Pregnancy / Obstetrics News From Medical News Today