Stroke risk ‘higher at start of warfarin treatment’

“Warfarin doubles risk of stroke in first week for irregular heartbeat sufferers,” reports The Daily Telegraph. Warfarin is a drug known to reduce the risk of stroke in people with atrial fibrillation, but the results of the study this headline is based on suggest that particular care should be taken when treatment is started. Atrial […]

Tech4MH: Avoiding mHealth “pilotitis” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start small

Guest Post by Neal Lesh, Chief Strategy Officer at Dimagi Since 2008, Dimagi has helped organizations in 30 countries set up mobile projects with CommCare, an open source mobile platform that supports frontline workers (FLWs). CommCare is actively being used by over 130 frontline programs across numerous development sectors. One of the most compelling and common […]