Dermatologist cautions parents about misinformation on safety of children’s skin care products

Before the advent of Internet search engines, parents obtained much of their medical advice from their child’s doctor. Today, with a plethora of information available at their fingertips, parents have more sources to consult than ever before. Yet dermatologists warn parents that not everything they read on blogs and websites about the safety of skin […]

Summer Skin Protection Secrets: 3 Worst Sunscreens

There are worse things in life than getting a sun burn. You know,  like stubbing your toe in the middle of the night when you are tending to a screaming baby.. Or those dang little hangnails that grip every little strand of… No visits yet The post Summer Skin Protection Secrets: 3 Worst Sunscreens appeared first on […]

New genetic clues about skin cancer

“Skin cancer: Genetic mutations ‘warn of risk’,” reports BBC News today. The science behind the headline involved sequencing the genetic material of 184 people with a strong family history of malignant melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. The aim was to identify previously unknown genetic variations that may increase the risk of melanoma; […]

Foods that Age Your Skin

by Donna Gates Excessive sugar ages the skin. Those on the Body Ecology Diet have already eliminated most sources of sugar. Some fruits, like lemon, lime, berries, cranberries, and black currants are still allowed on Stage One. All other fruits, and […] ? Read the rest of this entry… (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) The […]

Are baby wipes safe for your baby’s skin?

by Jenni Buckley posted in Mom Stories What do you use to wipe your baby’s bottom? What about their face? If you are like a large percentage of parents, chances are you’re wiping your babies with disposable baby wipes. The wipes are convenient and relatively inexpensive, but could they be causing allergic outbreaks? Several children… […]