Premature infants benefit from adult talk, study shows

Premature babies benefit from being exposed to adult talk as early as possible, new research concludes. The goal of the study was to test the association of the amount of talking that a baby was exposed to at what would have been 32 and 36 weeks gestation if a baby had been born full term. […]

Philip Seymour Hoffman shows that parenthood isn’t a cure-all

by Charlie Brooks posted in Celebrities By now, everybody knows that Philip Seymour Hoffman died last weekend. It’s sad whenever somebody that talented dies, and it’s especially sad when the death was preventable. The biggest tragedy in the whole situation, in my opinion, is that he leaves three kids behind: a 10-year-old son and daughters… […]

Research shows women trying hard to avoid unwanted pregnancy

Most women experiencing unwanted pregnancy report they used a contraceptive at the time they conceived, data released by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas) shows. Older women undergoing abortion were less likely to have used contraception than women under 30, which may reflect their belief they are no longer fertile. Pregnancy / Obstetrics News From […]

Record decline in US teen childbearing may be due to TV shows ’16 & Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’

Despite concerns that turning teen moms into reality TV stars has glamorized teen pregnancy, a new study shows that MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom have had a more powerful impact in the opposite direction: the series has significantly reduced births to teens.The research, coauthored by Wellesley College economist Phillip B. Pregnancy / Obstetrics […]

What kids’ shows are banned in your home?

by Roo Ciambriello posted in Mom Stories We, for various reasons, don’t “get” TV. We have a TV and we watch movies on it, but we currently don’t get TV stations on it. I’m cool with it because I could see myself totally getting distracted by it. My husband is the same way, but he gets… […]

Medical ‘superglue’ shows promise for heart surgery

“A medical superglue has been developed that has the potential to patch heart defects on the operating table,” BBC News reports. The glue has currently only be used in animals, but the results are encouraging. Medical glue is currently used to close minor skin wounds in some operations, but its use has been limited for […]

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