Newborn screening expansion offers early diagnosis and treatment to infants with SCID

Data from 11 newborn screening programs showed that newborn screening for severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) can be successfully implemented across public health newborn screening programs. SCID babies are born without a developed immune system and are subject to a wide variety of life-threatening infections. Infant’s Health News — ScienceDaily

Improved screening assay for buprenorphine in umbilical cord

Researchers have improved umbilical cord screening assay for buprenorphine by reducing the positive result cutoff from 1.0 ng/g down to 0.5 ng/g. The improved umbilical cord buprenorphine assay gives the best possible detection of buprenorphine exposure, making it possible to identify more newborns exposed to buprenorphine in utero. Infant’s Health News — ScienceDaily

Ethical concerns with cervical cancer screening trials in India

Recently, the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics published an article by Dr. Eric Suba regarding ethical and scientific controversies about large-scale longitudinal randomized trials of various cervical cancer screening methods (Pap smears, visual inspection with acetic acid, and HPV DNA testing) in India.  Trials funded by the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Gates Foundation […]

New method of screening children for autism spectrum disorders works at 9 months old

Researchers have identified head circumference and head tilting reflex as two reliable biomarkers in the identification of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in children that are between 9 and 12 months of age. ASD is identifiable as early as two years old, although most children are not identified until after the age of four. While a […]

Perinatal mental health screening supported by Albertans

After struggling with anxiety and depression since her teens, Lana Berry hit bottom at age 26. Divorced, unemployed and back living with her parents, she found herself in a dark place – “as sick as I’d ever been.”Berry persevered, pouring her energy into getting better. She found work, met the love of her life, remarried […]

Prenatal screening for fetal aneuploidy by testing mothers blood at 10 weeks of pregnancy

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine potentially has significant implications for prenatal testing for major fetal chromosome abnormalities. The study found that in a head-to-head comparison of noninvasive prenatal testing using cell free DNA (cfDNA) to standard screening methods, cfDNA testing (verifi® prenatal test, Illumina, Inc. Pregnancy / Obstetrics News From Medical […]