Scientists use drug to repair rare birth defect

Scientists have developed a potential cure for a rare eye disease, showing for the first time that a drug can repair a birth defect. They formulated the drug Ataluren into eye drops, and found that it consistently restored normal vision in mice who had aniridia, a condition that severely limits the vision of about 5,000 […]

Scientists call for new strategy in pursuit of HIV-free generation

In light of the recent news that HIV has been detected in the Mississippi baby previously thought to have been cured of the disease, researchers are assessing how to help those born to HIV-infected mothers. These infants around the world are in need of new immune-based protective strategies, including vaccines delivered to mothers and babies […]

Scientists predict dengue risk for Brazil World Cup

"Scientists have developed an ‘early warning system’ to alert authorities to the risk of dengue fever outbreaks in Brazil during the World Cup," BBC News reports. England fans planning to travel to Brazil are being warned about the risk of dengue fever after Brazilian researchers have developed a statistical model based on known risk factors […]

Scientists crack open ‘black box’ of embryo development

We know much about how embryos develop, but one key stage – implantation – has remained a mystery. Now, scientists from Cambridge have discovered a way to study and film this ‘black box’ of development. Their results – which will lead to the rewriting of biology text books worldwide – are published in the journal […]