A word about public bathrooms

by Laurie Gelman posted in Mom Stories I really hate taking my kids into public bathrooms. And yet they don’t seem to mind it at all. My youngest has never met a bathroom that she didn’t absolutely have to go into. The stalls! The sinks! The soap! For me its more like the stink! The… […]

An open letter to the mom who took a newborn out in public

by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories To the mom of a brand-spankin’ new, newborn baby who I saw at the zoo this week: You are awesome. Not only did you seem impressively “together” for a woman who clearly gave birth, like 72 hours ago (loved the maxi dress), but your baby is precious. Tiny,… […]

Public posting of test scores: Motivating or humiliating?

by Stacy-Ann Gooden posted in Mom Stories I’ve seen proud parents post their children’s passing grades on social media sites. But, how often do you see students failing test scores plastered publicly? Apparently, it’s become a standard practice in Holyoke Massachusetts. The Holyoke public school system is using what’s referred to as “data walls”… Want […]

Why public health work in Cambodia stayed with me and brought me back to Maternova

Since I graduated with my Master of Public Health in 2012, I have been working at a community-based program in infectious disease epidemiology. It is not the global focused job I had originally hoped for, but I was newbie in the public health sectors (who were heavily walloped by budget cuts at the time) and […]