Top 3 Tips to Enjoy the Holidays and Prevent Excess Weight Gain

Participants in the Holiday Virtual Boot Camp will receive my Body After Baby Boot Camp DVD for FREE. It’s that time of year again — the holidays are upon us. This is a wonderful time of year, filled with traditions, memories — and yes, some potential stress, lots of feasts, a good bit of busyness, […]

Nearly half of women at risk of preterm birth do not receive cheap drug that could prevent millions of newborn deaths

A major international study of more than 303,000 births in 29 low-income and middle-income countries has found that only half (52%) of women who are eligible to receive a simple, effective, low-cost treatment to prevent death and disability in their newborn babies are getting it. Use of antenatal corticosteroids was highly variable ranging from 16-20% […]

Edible flowers not proven to prevent cancer

“Eating flowers grown in British gardens could help to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, according to a new study,” The Daily Telegraph reports. However, the study the news is based on did not actually involve any humans. So while the flowers may be edible, claims they prevent cancer are unproven. The study […]

Adding fluoride to water does prevent tooth decay

“Consider mass fluoridation of water, says health body,” BBC News reports. The news follows study by Public Health England providing compelling evidence that fluoridation of mains water is a safe and effective way of preventing tooth decay. Fluoridation has been morally and ethically controversial in some quarters and has raised health concerns because it affects […]

5 Ergonomics Tips to Prevent Back and Muscle Injuries

by Sandy McLellan The science of ergonomics helps people interact safely with things, tasks and the environment. Back and muscle injuries are major pain problems for many people. The International Ergonomics Association defines ergonomics this way: “Practitioners of ergonomics and […] ? Read the rest of this entry… (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) The […]

Lingonberries claimed to prevent weight gain

“Lingonberries ‘could prevent weight gain’,” says The Daily Telegraph, reporting on the so-called “superberries” from Scandinavia. But before rushing your local Swedish grocer, it’s worth noting that these tests were done on mice. This research involved mice that were genetically engineered to become obese and develop features of diabetes. In the experiment all the mice were fed […]