New Baby, Small Budget

The news of a pregnancy can be very exciting, but equally as nerve racking.  How will I know what to do?  What type of parent will I be?  Will I be able to handle the labor?  How am I going to afford everything she needs?   Finances are a cause of stress for many young […]

The Expectant Father

Let’s face it- mothers-to-be get all of the attention when preparing for the baby.  We get a baby shower, maternity clothes, ultrasounds, doctor visits, flowers, massages, pedicures…the list could go on.  Well, what about the other half of the equation?  We must not forget about the dads-to-be.  While we get 9 months of bonding with […]

Natural Remedies to Common Pregnancy Symptoms

Many women enjoy being pregnant. The body is constantly changing as the baby is growing at a tremendous pace. Unfortunately this forty-week period of growth can bring with it a few uncomfortable side effects. Many women suffer from heartburn, nausea, vomiting, food cravings, extreme fatigue and constipation. While there are plenty of medicines that doctors […]

Strengthening Your Core After Pregnancy

A round belly is a source of pride for an expecting mother. However it is quite apparent that a woman’s core goes through a great deal during and after pregnancy. Many women find their cores weak after pregnancy. With a focus on overall fitness after giving birth, the strength in your core can increase over […]

Marathon Mommas

There have been several pregnant women in the news over the past few years that have been criticized for participating in marathons or in intense exercise programs like Crossfit. There is a battle going on between incredibly active women who have decided what is best for their bodies and the larger opinion that pregnant women […]

Combat Pregnancy Pains

Pregnancy is a wonderful time of personal growth and connection with your growing baby. However, it is also a time filled with discomfort that is associated with a changing body and carrying the weight of your new baby. Due to a change in hormones, the ligaments that maintain alignment of your hips and pelvis become […]

9/11 dust cloud may have caused widespread pregnancy issues

Pregnant women living near the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks experienced negative birth outcomes, according to a new paper. These mothers were more likely to give birth prematurely and deliver babies with low birth weights. Their babies — especially baby boys — were also more likely to be admitted to neonatal intensive care […]

U.S. Teen pregnancy rate shows a dramatic decline

by Jennifer Borget posted in Mom Stories The United States doesn’t have teen birth rates worth bragging about, but we do have some new statistics worth celebrating. A report indicates the U.S. teen birth rate fell dramatically in the last 20 years, plunging 57 percent. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate…… […]

Poverty during pregnancy causes high cortisol levels which are passed to fetus

Women who are poor experience higher cortisol levels in pregnancy and give birth to infants with elevated levels of the stress hormone, putting them at greater risk for serious disease later in life… Pregnancy / Obstetrics News From Medical News Today

Grandchild’s growth may be affected if grandmother smoked during pregnancy

A UK study published in the American Journal of Human Biology has found that smoking during pregnancy has discernible effects on the growth of a woman’s future grandkids. Pregnancy / Obstetrics News From Medical News Today

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