4 ways to make a charity party awesome for the birthday kid

by Melissa Byers posted in Tips & Tricks There are so many reasons why having a birthday party that requests donations to a charity in lieu of gifts makes sense. Sometimes little ones have all they need and parents are feeling the “stuff” overload. Other times kids are passionate about a specific cause. In all… […]

5 Ways to Host a Healthy Super Bowl Party

My husband loves football. I love parties. So the Super Bowl is the one day a year when our interests happily meet. I love Super Bowl recipes, but I don’t want to make our party a four-hour marathon of fat-filled dips, salty chips and calorie-rich drinks. So this year, I’m giving our party a healthier […]

5 Party Wines for $10 or Less

The wine aisle can be pretty intimidating. With rows of white, red and rosé wines from all over the world lining the shelves and stacked in boxes, it can be hard to decide where to spend your money. If you don’t have a sommelier (a trained wine professional) hovering nearby to point out the best […]

The Perfect Sandwich for a Super Bowl Party: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

OK, I admit, football makes no sense to me. Yet that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the whole Super Bowl extravaganza. No matter who’s playing, I’ll be watching. And eating. That’s half the fun, right? Don’t Miss: What Is the Healthiest Super Bowl Food? EatingWell Blogs – All Blog Posts