Help! My kid’s lovey is part of my body

by Betsy Shaw posted in Mom Stories When Isla, my baby– she’s 8 now but, ahem, still my baby– was still breastfeeding she was obsessed by the pendant that hangs from the necklace I haven’t taken off since my husband gave it to me on our 10th anniversary. Each and every time she nursed, once… […]

The most painful part of my labor came after the birth

by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories Mind numbing, body wracking contractions. Sweat dripping. Teeth clenching. Body temperature: Um, probably 325 degrees. Every inch of me, working, reaching, stretching, tensing, pushing. AHHH! And then, she was born; my daughter. Deep, deep exhale. I’d done it. I’d brought my beautiful baby safely into the… Want to […]

A Birth Simulated with the ProntoPack – Blog series Part 2

In the second installment of Maternova’s feature on the low-cost highly effective ProntoPack Birth Simulator Kit, join us in learning additional information about where the innovation is helping train birth attendants, midwifes, and healthcare workers in safer birth practices. We also know that this system has been used at academic institutions in the United States… […]

Parenting moments, illustrated in GIFs (Part 7!)

by Roo Ciambriello posted in Mom Stories Check out the previous installment of GIF-y (not a real word) parenting moments here. I like to use GIFs to illustrate my feelings. They’re like videos without sound, which means that maybe we’re regressing in technology as a culture, but ignore all of that. Let’s just call this one the Snow Day… […]

Some lying is a necessary part of good parenting

by Stacy-Ann Gooden posted in Mom Stories If I told you that lying is a necessary part of good parenting, you’d probably think I’m crazy. But it may be true, according to The Good Men Project. Ethics editor, Thomas G. Fiffer, admits to lying to his kids. He even recommends five lies every parent should… […]