Baby Teeth

Watching your baby grow from a newborn into a mobile baby happens in the blink of an eye.  Your baby develops strength, personality and mobility faster than you can imagine.  Wondering when those teeth are coming?  Here are some guidelines as to when you can expect your baby to fill his gummy smile with some cute […]

The Role of the Doula

Many parents-to-be discuss whether or not a doula should play a part in their pregnancy and in the delivery of their child. The unique role of a doula can be an invaluable asset. A doula is a person that serves as an assistant to a pregnant and laboring mother-to-be. They provide amazing emotional and physical […]

Taking the “Terrible” Out of the Two’s

Parents are often filled with an enormous amount of anxiety as their child approaches two years old. This age has been long stereotyped as one of the worst times during a child’s development. The “terrible twos” are predicted to be filled with crying and daily tantrums. Toddlers can in fact throw extraordinary tantrums but it […]

Parents decide against posting their children’s pictures on Facebook

by Victoria Merkys posted in Mom Stories It’s almost impossible to avoid a picture of a newborn, the first day of school, or an afternoon at the zoo while perusing your newsfeed on Facebook. Are you a parent that shares your children’s lives on Facebook or not? My husband and I decided to not share… […]

Parents strap camera to son the first day of school too intrusive?

by Stacy-Ann Gooden posted in Mom Stories How many times have you asked your kids, “How was school,” and get a one-word summary of the day? You are not alone. May and Andrew Weber wasn’t satisfied with the one-word answer they received from their children. So they did what most parents would probably never think… […]

Parents’ vaccine intentions influenced by how benefits are communicated

In a study designed to formally look at the content of parent-targeted communications about the benefits of vaccination for measles, mumps and rubella, investigators report that the framing of these messages influences parents’ intentions to immunize their children. Infant’s Health News — ScienceDaily

Dermatologist cautions parents about misinformation on safety of children’s skin care products

Before the advent of Internet search engines, parents obtained much of their medical advice from their child’s doctor. Today, with a plethora of information available at their fingertips, parents have more sources to consult than ever before. Yet dermatologists warn parents that not everything they read on blogs and websites about the safety of skin […]

Five things you can do for bereaved parents

by Krissie Schmidt posted in Mom Stories As a bereaved mother, I know the devestation of losing a child can be heartwrenching and onlookers desperately search for ways to help the grieving parents. Our instincts seek to say words of comfort but the truth is that many newly bereaved mothers or fathers are not looking to be comforted. While… […]

New website, Baby Safety Zone, aims to help new parents

by Erin Lane posted in Products & Prizes The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), the national trade organization representing 95% of the prenatal to preschool children’s product companies, recently launched a new online consumer safety resource, Baby Safety Zone (BSZ). Baby Safety Zone aims to provide the general public with… Want to get the full […]

Study questions speed in giving antidepressants to grieving parents

Some doctors are too quick to prescribe antidepressants to parents who have suffered the death of a child either during pregnancy or within the first month of life, according to a study conducted by Florida State University researcher Jeffrey R. Lacasse.In a study of 235 bereaved parents participating in an online support community, Lacasse found […]

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