Food poisoning warning over fruit and veg

Can fruit and vegetables be dangerous? The Mail Online seems to think so. A story published on the website warns that: “Getting your five a day is responsible for half of all food poisoning cases.” The story comes from a decade-long US study of the sources of foodborne illnesses in the US. It estimates that […]

Avoid Overtraining Injury

Overtraining injuries result when you push your body too hard or too fast.  Overtraining injuries can happen to athletes and amateurs and present in varying forms.  Oftentimes, overtraining injuries present as pain, fatigue, decreased appetite, stiffness or decline in physical performance.   To avoid overtraining injuries, it is important to realize that training and fitness […]

Experts voice concerns over arsenic in rice

Inorganic arsenic in rice and rice-based foods poses health concerns in infants and young children, and steps should be taken to minimize exposure, according to experts. The inorganic arsenic levels of dietary products used by children should be regulated, they say. The commentary includes the recommendation that “Rice drinks should not be used in infants […]

Telemedicine License: MOC All Over Again?

(MedPage Today) — Traditional medical licenses limit physicians to providing care only in states in which they are licensed — a physical convention that is a particular hindrance in the virtual world of telemedicine, which is why Congress is now mulling a new license structure for physicians. MedPage Today OB/Gyn

Lack of exercise ‘highest risk’ for women over 30

"Heart disease warning: Lack of exercise is worse risk for over-30s women than smoking or obesity," The Independent reports. It is important to stress that this headline is based on a result that is applicable to a population, not to an individual. The Australian study the headline is reporting on looked at population attributable risk, […]