Should You Stop Taking Your Omega-3 Supplement?

What if you turned on the news and heard that the world was flat? And, to support that bold claim, the news anchor shared the results of one study. Would you believe it at first pass? While this example may seem far-fetched, something similar happened recently in the nutrition world: a new research review proposing […]

Doubt cast on the benefits of omega-3 for the brain

 "The great superfood U-turn," claims the Mail Online today, suggesting that scientists have shown that "feasting on salmon and nuts may not preserve brainpower after all". The news is based on a study of more than 2,000 older women. The researchers looked at the relationship between their blood levels of two omega-3 fatty acids and […]

Researchers discover how DHA omega-3 fatty acid reaches brain

The transporter protein Mfsd2a carries DHA to the brain, research has found. The findings have widespread implications for how DHA functions in human nutrition. The study marks the first time a genetic model for brain DHA deficiency and its functions in the brain has been made available. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid most abundantly […]