Fun Ways to Play With Your 6 Month Old

Between 6 months to 1 year of age, your baby will amaze you with all the new accomplishments, movements, and communications he will demonstrate.  He is now rolling, sitting and beginning to explore how he will eventually move around by crawling.  Here are some fun ways to play with your baby after 6 months of […]

At Home Winter Activities for Your 3 Year Old

With the weather plummeting and the days at their shortest, it is common to find yourself stuck indoors with little to do.  When you 3 year old is bored and you’re stuck indoors, it can lead to some pretty long days.  If the same old toys and games are just not cutting it, it is […]

Your developing baby: months 3-6

The physical development of an infant is astounding and seems to happen overnight.  While a newborn seems to only sleep, eat and poop, an infant that is 6 months old is fully interactive and developing quite a set of motor skills.  Between ages 3-6 months, the infant develops greater physical control of his head and […]