Eat More Vegetables Challenge Day 7: Drink Your Vegetables

Some vegetables add delicious creaminess to a smoothie while others add healthy fiber and flavor. Try avocados, leafy greens like kale and spinach, cucumbers or even canned pumpkin or cooked sweet potato for a tasty addition. Try one of Eating Well’s Veggie-Filled Smoothie Recipes: EatingWell Blogs – All Blog Posts

Eat More Vegetables Challenge Day 1: Fill Half Your Plate with Veggies

Simplify healthy meal planning by filling half your plate with veggies. That’s an easy way to know you’ll get the recommended amount of vegetables each day without worrying about the math. How many baby carrots are in a cup? How much broccoli equals a serving? Confused and overwhelmed by keeping track of cups or serving […]

Eat More Vegetables Challenge Day 4: Retrain Your Taste Buds to Love Vegetables

Whether you just never developed a taste for a certain vegetable—or as a child you were forced to eat bland, mushy peas or a mountain of overcooked Brussels sprouts (memories you’re still holding onto)—there’s still hope for you to learn to love new vegetables. EatingWell Blogs – All Blog Posts

Eat More Vegetables Challenge Day 6: Learn the Secrets to Cooking Satisfying Meatless Meals

Put the emphasis on vegetables at mealtime. Pick one day (or just a meal) a week to eat meatless and have veggies be the shinning star on your plate. If you’re worried that you’ll miss the meat, include chewy, satisfying foods like seared firm tofu, grilled mushrooms and nuts, which feel more filling because they […]

Celebrity lookalikes: Gwen, Ryan — Chucky — and more

by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities You know what I love in a mom? The kind of person who recognizes her adorable son with remarkable red hair bears a resemblance to Chucky “The Lakeshore Strangler” from Child’s Play, and isn’t afraid to have a laugh about it. Sure beats me being the only one thinking… […]

How do you make more ‘me time’? I’m running a marathon

by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories Striking the perfect balance between family time and “me time” seems like a fairy tale to me. Is it even possible? Recently, my “me time” meter had been running on empty and something had to change. So there we were: My little family of four was driving back… […]

More mothers are choosing to give birth at ‘home’

Births started in homes, moved to hospitals and are now moving back to homes, at least in the developed world. More parents are choosing places that aren’t hospitals for giving birth — and that presents new risks and complications. A conversation on Oregon Public Radio’s Think Out Loud. Visit site: More mothers are choosing ‘home’ […]

New advice encourages more home births

"More women should give birth at home, advice suggests," reports The Guardian after draft guidelines produced by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommended that women with a low risk of complications in childbirth should be encouraged to either give birth at home or at a midwife-led unit. The guidance has been […]

Kids are wonderfully awful: Am I crazy to want more?

by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories As I fold up the last of my daughter’s 3-month-sized clothes and place them into a plastic storage tub, I wonder when I will see these tiny garments again. Will it be when a little sister wears them? Or, will it be when I’m massively selling my children’s… […]

One word can make kids more helpful

Kids want to think of themselves as good people. A new study suggests we can tap into that — and motivate good behavior — with a single word. Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog. BabyCenter Blog

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