Spotted: 10 perfect polka dot designs for your home

by Michelle Rothmeier posted in Life & Home I love pattern in my home. Whether it’s a striped pillow, a floral rug, a geometric piece of art… I love it all. And one of my favorite patterns to see is the polka dot. Critics might disregard the polka dot print as outdated or juvenile, but… […]

Home HIV testing kits now legal in UK

“Kits allowing people to test themselves for HIV at home can be bought over the counter in the UK for the first time,” BBC News recently reported. The UK government has amended the law so “do it yourself” home testing kits for HIV are now legal to be sold over-the-counter.   Can go I out and […]

Work from Home – Tips to Being a Highly Productive Mama

I love to take these two crazies out for a jog mid-day. One of the many benefits of a work from home scenario. So you want to work from home. But, how will you “balance it all” and still be highly productive as a work from home mom? I get this question on a daily basis […]

This Week in Medical News: Anger, HIV ‘Cures,’ and Home Births

(MedPage Today) — Popular culture has long believed that emotional outbursts are triggers for heart attacks and strokes, but last week saw perhaps the best evidence yet that it really happens, as described in a story by Todd Neale. MedPage Today OB/Gyn

Are home births ‘unethical’ and ‘dangerous’?

“Home births could be as dangerous as ‘driving without putting your child’s seatbelt on’,” The Independent reports. The headline is based on a recently published narrative review that looked at home births and future risk to the child following birth, such as going on to have a disability later in life. The researchers argue that home […]

15 inexpensive ways to revamp your home decor

by Michelle Rothmeier posted in Life & Home Do you ever get the itch to revamp your home decor? I’ll be honest, I get that itch about twelve times every day! Interior design and home decor is my passion, that’s for sure. Even if you’re not thinking about home decor 24-7 (ie. you’re not crazy… […]

What kids’ shows are banned in your home?

by Roo Ciambriello posted in Mom Stories We, for various reasons, don’t “get” TV. We have a TV and we watch movies on it, but we currently don’t get TV stations on it. I’m cool with it because I could see myself totally getting distracted by it. My husband is the same way, but he gets… […]

Ramen Grows Up: Easy, Healthy Chicken Ramen Soup at Home

Remember when your furniture was mostly plastic crates in different configurations and you ate ramen at least once a day? If you never thought you’d touch ramen again, this recipe for Easy Miso-Chicken Ramen will change your mind. It takes a little longer than pouring boiling water on the contents of a plastic pouch—but not […]

Home For The Holidays

Baby Cole helped me put up the Christmas tree lights. We are in our new home!!! Brandon and I signed all of the important papers yesterday morning and got a shiny set of new house keys. We quickly moved all of our belongings into the house and are already making the house feel like our […]

How To Make Money Working From Home

I am so blessed to be able to make a significant income AND spend the day at home with my babies. Those who have been reading my blog for a while know that I recently transitioned out of my full-time web marketing job to become 100% self-employed. Truthfully, it was a very scary transition, and […]

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