How to have Health and Weight Loss this Year

Anyone ever ask you, “How much fat did you lose?” But, you have heard this question, “How much weight did you lose?” Infomercials do a great job of selling weight loss. FAT LOSS (ESPECIALLY ABDOMINAL FAT) IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN […] ? Read the rest of this entry… (Visited 8 times, 1 visits today) The […]

Tech4MH: A guest blog series on technologies for improving maternal health care

The Maternal Health Task Force is excited to announce the launch of Tech4MH, a blog series that will focus on technologies that hold promise for meeting the challenges of delivering maternal health care in low resource settings. The series will feature posts from product designers, health technology and programming experts, and donors on innovations. Posts […]

Tech4MH: Complementary global health innovations should be marketed, sold and shipped together…

Guest Post by Meg Wirth, Founder of Maternova Maternova is a social enterprise building out a fast track for commercialization of life-saving technologies for maternal, newborn and child health.  Why commercialization?  Isn’t the current trend innovation, invention and ideas?  Read on to find out why. Compared to a decade ago, or even five years ago, the global focus […]

Study shows maternal health program in India failing to deliver

A prominent program that claims to reduce infant and maternal deaths in rural India by encouraging mothers to deliver in private hospitals has been unsuccessful, despite the investment of more than $ 25 million since 2005, a new Duke University study finds. Pregnancy / Obstetrics News From Medical News Today

Study tracks health effects of fracking chemicals

“Chemicals used in fracking could cause infertility, cancer and birth defects,” the Daily Mail has reported. The story comes from a study that examined whether 12 of the chemicals used in “fracking” (a method of gas and oil extraction) can disrupt the action of human sex hormones. The study also looked at hormone-disrupting properties in […]

Recap of the MHTF-PLOS event: Improving Maternal Health

“Improving Maternal Health: Insights from around the world” was held Wednesday at the Harvard School of Public Health. We want to thank all of those who joined us in person and online. And a special thanks to our panelists: Suneth Buddhika Agampodi, Nosakhare G. Orobaton, and Cynthia K. Link to original: Recap of the MHTF-PLOS […]

Father’s diet before conception may be crucial for baby’s health

by Gwen Dewar, Ph.D. posted in Mom Stories When it comes to making babies, everybody knows that a mother’s lifestyle matters. During gestation, a mother’s habits and nutritional status can have powerful effects on the way a baby develops. Folate, for instance, is so important for brain development and the prevention of birth defects that… […]

Maternal health leaders propose research agenda for preconception care

The concept of preconception care has emerged in recent years as a potentially vital tool for not only improving adolescent girls’ and women’s chances of having healthy pregnancies and newborns, but of supporting their reproductive health status over time.  It holds special promise for women and couples who have particular health needs, such as HIV-positive […]

Benefits of Breastfeeding

It is pretty clear that breastfeeding a newborn baby is healthier than bottle feeding it, but with the rise of the modern working woman, it may be difficult to continue to breastfeed because of external commitments. However, studies show that more mothers are attempting to breastfeed their baby for longer. And why shouldn’t they? Breastfeeding […]

Pump Up Your Jam for Workouts

Everyone knows that music motivates people to exercise.  When a fast, upbeat song comes over your earbuds, you find yourself instantly running a little faster and with a little extra pep in your step.  However, it is easy to get into a rut of listening to the same workout music over and over.  This will […]

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