Tight belts are unlikely to give you throat cancer

“Wearing your belt too tight can raise your risk of getting throat cancer…as it increases your chance of suffering acid reflux,” is the unnecessarily alarmist headline in The Daily Telegraph. In fact, in an experiment which asked people to wear a weightlifter’s belt, researchers found changes in the cells at the junction between the stomach […]

More mothers are choosing to give birth at ‘home’

Births started in homes, moved to hospitals and are now moving back to homes, at least in the developed world. More parents are choosing places that aren’t hospitals for giving birth — and that presents new risks and complications. A conversation on Oregon Public Radio’s Think Out Loud. Visit site: More mothers are choosing ‘home’ […]

Things you give a fussy baby that maybe you shouldn’t

by Stacy-Ann Gooden posted in Mom Stories Some claim that you may want to think twice about giving your baby a smartphone to play with the next time she fusses. They say it can actually do more harm, than ease her cry. But that’s not the only item parents are guilty of handing over to… […]

At what age is it okay to give your kid a cell phone?

by Whitney Barthel posted in Mom Stories Sometimes I ponder decisions I will have to make as my boys get older. Should they be able to buy a car the minute they turn sixteen? Should I send them to private school or public school? Should I put them in piano lessons? Most of these questions… […]

Utah mother to give birth to her own grandchild

by Denise Cortes posted in Mom Stories Chalk this up as the depth of a mother’s love. Oh, the lengths a mother will go to in order to help her own child. In the case of 58 year-old Julia Navarro from Provo, Utah, it means giving birth to your own grandchild. Wow. A Peruvian mother… […]

Adolescent mothers with higher educational hopes give birth to heavier babies

Indicators of higher academic achievement, including aspirations, in adolescent mothers seems to correlate with higher birth weight for their babies, according to research published in open access journal BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. Higher birth weight is associated with healthier babies. Pregnancy / Obstetrics News From Medical News Today