Getting In Touch With Your Inner Athlete

It’s there, living deep within or just under the surface, your inner athlete. Strong, persistent, hungry for attention, your inner athlete yearns for the freedom to prove just how great she really is. Are you feeding your inner athlete or quietly suffocating her until she no longer exists? It really is up to you to […]

Nursing moms: Getting bottle feeding right the first time

by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories   This post is part of a sponsorship with Playtex. Introducing a bottle to my daughter for the very first time was stressful for every member of my household — mom, dad, baby, big brother, heck, even the cats. We were all on edge. And it sucked. Like… […]

Why aren’t pregnant women getting flu vaccine?

Both mother and fetus are at increased risk for complications of flu infection during pregnancy. And prenatal care providers say they’re advising women to get the flu vaccine, in line with recommendations from various organizations. But many pregnant women don’t understand the importance of this advice — and don’t get the vaccine. Infant’s Health News […]

Are ads still not getting fatherhood right?

by Joey Lombardi posted in Mom Stories As Father’s Day approaches, a fond spotlight shines on dads everywhere. I have been reading lots of essays from adult children and how awesome and influential their fathers have been in their lives. I have even seen professional wrestlers ruminating on the importance of fatherhood. All of this… […]

Difficulty getting pregnant could be due to stress

Doctors already know stress is tied to increased risk of heart disease and conditions like depression, but now, new research suggests stress may be a reason women trying to conceive experience difficulty getting pregnant.The researchers, led by Dr. Pregnancy / Obstetrics News From Medical News Today