Ever growing number of women with gestational diabetes suggests future will be filled with children with early diabetes

Children exposed to gestational diabetes in the wombs of their mothers are themselves around six times more likely to develop diabetes or prediabetes than children not exposed, research shows. With the increase in gestational diabetes (GDM), there is a growing need to understand the effects of glucose exposure on the newborn in the womb, at […]

Tiny area of the brain linked to fear of the future

"Pea-sized brain hub could shed light on depression," BBC News reports. UK scientists think they have identified part of the brain responsible for feelings of foreboding. This part of the brain,┬ácalled the habenula, may also be associated with depression. The headline is based on a small study that used brain scans to look at brain […]

Small fetal size in pregnancy could indicate future heart problems

A study published in the BMJ has linked poor growth in the first 3 months (the first trimester) of pregnancy with poor heart health later in life.The rate of human development is highest during the first trimester of pregnancy, and this is when the cardiovascular and metabolic organs form. Pregnancy / Obstetrics News From Medical […]