For Kids, Risks of Parental Smoking Persist Long-Term, Study Finds

Title: For Kids, Risks of Parental Smoking Persist Long-Term, Study FindsCategory: Health NewsCreated: 8/19/2014 12:35:00 PMLast Editorial Review: 8/20/2014 12:00:00 AM MedicineNet Pregnancy General

Fergie finds son Axl’s French kissing to be “delicious”

by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities First-time mom Fergie now has a walker on her hands! The songstress, who welcomed son Axl with husband Josh Duhamel just 11 months ago, was able to witness their little one’s first steps — but the boy’s famous father missed out. “He just had his first steps [on] August… […]

Exercise may cut breast cancer risk, study finds

"Exercise lowers risk of breast cancer after menopause," reports The Independent. This and similar headlines were sparked by a large study of postmenopausal teachers that found increased recreational activity was associated with a 10% decrease in the risk of breast cancer. The risk reduction eroded among some women who became less active over the years, […]

Infant toenails reveal in utero exposure to low-level arsenic, study finds

Infant toenails are a reliable way to estimate arsenic exposure before birth, a study shows. A growing body of evidence suggests that in utero and early-life exposure to arsenic may have detrimental effects on children, even at the low to moderate levels common in the United States and elsewhere. The fetus starts to develop toenails […]

Father’s ethnic background influences birthweight, study finds

A father’s ethnic background can influence a child’s birthweight, a new study has found. Current birthweight curves — graphs used to plot how one baby’s weight compares to others of the same age — assume that the parents are of Western European descent. That means many babies of an East Asian or South Asian mother […]

Text messaging program benefits pregnant women, study finds

The leading mobile health service in the nation, Text4baby, was found to significantly benefit pregnant women, according to a new study. The pilot study examined several things including the short-term effects of Text4baby exposure four weeks post enrollment on attitudes, beliefs and behaviors targeted by the text messages. Infant’s Health News — ScienceDaily

New study finds smart phones decrease male fertility

by Whitney Barthel posted in Mom Stories With the advancement of science we are on the verge of a fertility revolution. Future moms and dads are devouring any and all information regarding conception. Thanks to science, individuals who may have been rendered barren in past decades are now able to successfully conceive and have children… […]

Many children affected by PTSD after traffic accidents, Swedish study finds

Many children who are injured in traffic is subsequently affected by post traumatic stress disorder, a new study has shown. Many continue to suffer from mental and psychosocial problems one year after the accident. In addition, the rate still remains low of children who are involved in traffic accidents while wearing a helmet when cycling. […]

Probiotics do not help infants with colic, study finds

Giving probiotics to infants with colic does not appear to have any benefit, according to a large trial. Infant colic (excessive crying of unknown cause) affects up to 20% of infants and is a major burden to families and health services. Although it spontaneously resolves three to four months after birth, its cause remains elusive […]

Back pain ‘leading cause of disability,’ study finds

“Back pain behind ‘more disability than any other condition’,” ITV News reports after a new study found that the condition may now be the leading cause of disability worldwide. The study looked at how much disability is caused by¬†lower back pain¬†globally. It found that lower back pain caused more disability than any other condition, affecting […]

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