Eating nuts during pregnancy: Can we trust the latest advice?

by Gwen Dewar, Ph.D. posted in Mom Stories For many years, women were counseled to avoid eating peanuts and tree nuts during pregnancy and breastfeeding. There was a worry that exposing babies to nuts would put their immune systems into overdrive and increase their chances of becoming allergic. It made sense. You can’t develop an… […]

Eating peanuts in pregnancy lowers allergy risk for child

Allergic reactions to peanuts and tree nuts can range from mild to life-threatening. But new research suggests that pregnant women who are not allergic to the nuts/legumes and who eat more of them during pregnancy lower the risk of their child developing an allergy to the food.This is according to a study published in JAMA […]

Toddler Eating – Are you on the right track?

A week ago, I held one of my all day Mommy Chef Tastes for Toddler cooking classes and something struck me (as it usually does) as I was speaking with the moms who attended the full day cook-a-thon class. It struck me how high the expectations of what a toddler eats are.  Whether it from […]

Fresh Tomato Basil Soup

Feeling under the weather? Whether you’re seeking to restore your health or just in the mood for something tasty, try out this recipe for fresh tomato basil soup. For this soup, you’ll need chopped red onions (2 onions makes about 1.5 cups), extra-virgin olive oil (3 tablespoons), minced garlic cloves (5), chopped peeled carrots (2), […]

Stressed Out? Munch on this!

Life’s daily routine can be stressful. Did you know that eating certain foods can help appease any stress you may have? Here’s a list of 11 foods you can eat to help curb your stress and provide you with genuine relief. Avocados: they are loaded with potassium, which helps keep blood pressure low. Known as […]

Kale: The Nutritious Super-Vegetable

Kale by photofarmer Kale is a green or purple leafy vegetable that is similar to wild cabbage, and is considered one of the healthiest vegetables on the market today. Kale has been around for centuries, and was considered one of the most common green vegetables in Europe up until the end of the Middle Ages. […]

So, What is Clean Eating Anyway?

It seems that the latest diet and food fad is the clean eating movement.  You have probably heard of cleaning eating from various celebrities, trainers, medical professionals and talk shows.  With all the media, it may be confusing to know what is correct and what is false.  Clean eating is actually a very simple concept […]

Roasted Veggies

As the months turn colder, we tend to turn toward comforting foods that are satisfying and warming.  Root vegetables are excellent cold weather foods that make a beautiful side dish to your main entrée or serve as the lead role in a hearty, nutrient rich meal.  So what vegetables go together for a roasted vegetable […]

11 Eating Tricks to Lose Weight without Starving

Burn fat and lose weight by eating right, not by starving yourself.  You might be surprised by how much you can eat and still burn fat and lose weight.  Most of all enjoy your food!  There are plenty of healthy… No visits yet The post 11 Eating Tricks to Lose Weight without Starving appeared first […]

10 Myths About Eating Disorders

Like many mental illnesses and conditions, eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa come prepackaged with a disconcerting number of misconceptions. Allowing these unfounded stereotypes to continuously creep through the public’s consciousness is a dangerous game with potentially… (Visited 49 times, 1 visits today) The post 10 Myths About Eating Disorders appeared first […]

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