Easy pizza breadsticks your kids will love

by Kami Bigler posted in Life & Home Merry Christmas day! I hope you all are enjoying time spent with those you love. With kids home and out of school for the next week or so, you are probably looking for quick dinner ideas. Most kids love spaghetti, and most moms love it because it’s… […]

Simple Easy Corn Chowder Recipe

Kid Friendly Vegan Summer Soup Recipe, Great All Year Round Its sweet corn season here in the Midwest, and like anything wonderful, corn on the cob gets old when you eat it day after day. This corn chowder recipe is a quick easy alternative. This simple and satisfying chowder tastes like fresh corn on the […]

Ramen Grows Up: Easy, Healthy Chicken Ramen Soup at Home

Remember when your furniture was mostly plastic crates in different configurations and you ate ramen at least once a day? If you never thought you’d touch ramen again, this recipe for Easy Miso-Chicken Ramen will change your mind. It takes a little longer than pouring boiling water on the contents of a plastic pouch—but not […]

Make Dinnertime Easy! Weekend Food Preparation Tips

Cooking dinner is one of the hardest tasks mothers do.  After a long day of working and parenting, carving out enough time in the chaos of the evening to prepare and serve a meal can be stressful – or downright impossible.  However, a home-prepared meal will be far healthier (and cheaper!) than any pre-prepared, packaged, […]

Easy Nutella brownie cups (5 ingredients!)

by Lindsay Weiss posted in Life & Home Do you ever need just a little chocolate something? Bigger than a bite but smaller than a whole cupcake? Not too big. Not too small. These little brownie cups are just right. And – oh – are they good. Chocolate brownie married with nutty Nutella, solid on… […]

Easy Ways to Jazz Up Plain-Jane Ice Cream

When it comes to ice cream, I’m what you might call a “goodie miner”—I dig out all of the chunks of yumminess and eat them first—so the more “stuff” in my ice cream, the better. Since I often feel that ice cream makers don’t add quite as many treats as I’d like, I’ve been known […]

Pre-teen girls have ‘easy access’ to e-cigarettes

“Children ‘addicted to sweet tasting e-cigarettes’,” is the alarmist headline in the Daily Mirror. A survey has found that a few pre-teen girls in Wales have experimented with the devices, but there is no evidence of widespread addiction. The headline is based on an opinion piece written by Kelly Evans, a Director of the organisation […]

An Easy New Dessert with Fresh Strawberries

I can hardly wait for strawberry-picking season to roll around each summer—and then, when we finally get to go pick strawberries, I can hardly wait to get them home before eating most of them. But next time I have a bounty of ruby-sweet berries, I’m committed to saving at least 3 cups of them for […]

7 easy, homemade baby wipe recipes for baby’s bum

by Denise Cortes posted in Life & Home I am obsessed with wet wipes. Okay, to be more specific–I’m obsessed with butt wipes. Is that TMI? Oh well. When I had my first child sixteen long years ago, I was introduced to the magical world of wet wipes. Yes, they were meant for my baby’s… […]

6 easy steps to create an unbreakable sibling bond

My daughter has always been extremely nurturing and kind hearted, so it didn’t surprise me that the initial encounter went so well. But, I also made it my priority to prepare her for our growing family. That said, here are five easy steps to create an unbreakable sibling bond. Want to get the full story? […]

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