Scientists use drug to repair rare birth defect

Scientists have developed a potential cure for a rare eye disease, showing for the first time that a drug can repair a birth defect. They formulated the drug Ataluren into eye drops, and found that it consistently restored normal vision in mice who had aniridia, a condition that severely limits the vision of about 5,000 […]

Nearly half of women at risk of preterm birth do not receive cheap drug that could prevent millions of newborn deaths

A major international study of more than 303,000 births in 29 low-income and middle-income countries has found that only half (52%) of women who are eligible to receive a simple, effective, low-cost treatment to prevent death and disability in their newborn babies are getting it. Use of antenatal corticosteroids was highly variable ranging from 16-20% […]

Could an MS drug ‘erase’ traumatic memories?

"A drug could be re-purposed to erase painful memories from people who have suffered trauma and pain," The Independent reports. The news comes from a study involving mice which measured their response to a series of electric shocks. The mice were either fed the drug fingolimod, which is used to treat multiple sclerosis, or a saline placebo daily. The researchers […]

WHO warns about threat of drug resistance

“WHO calls for urgent action to preserve power of antibiotics and make new ones,” The Guardian reports. The World Health Organization (WHO), has published a report highlighting the growing global threat of drug resistance. Expert opinions on the implications of the WHO report have been informative, such as the quote, on BBC News, from Dr […]

Potential drug targets for preeclampsia patients identified

Preeclampsia patients have an overabundance of molecules that send detrimental signals, researchers have found. They also documented poor health outcomes in babies born to moms with the syndrome. “Preeclampsia is a multifaceted complication found uniquely in the pregnant patient and one that has puzzled scientists for years,” says the leader of the study. It affects […]

Does paying drug users boost hep B jab uptake?

“Heroin addicts are being ‘bribed’ with £30 in shopping vouchers for agreeing to undergo vaccinations,” The Daily Telegraph reports, while the Daily Mail said addicts were to get a “£10 supermarket ‘bribe’ to stay clear of drugs and £30 to have a hepatitis B jab”. Some of the reporting makes it sound as if drug […]

Poor oxytocin development could be to blame for alcohol and drug addiction

New research from the University of Adelaide in Australia suggests that poor development of oxytocin in early childhood may explain why some individuals succumb to addictive behavior, such as alcohol or drug abuse.Oxytocin, more commonly referred to as the “love hormone,” is known to play an important role in partnership, social interaction and maternal behavior. […]

Pregnancy complications in lupus patients may be prevented by malaria drug combo

An anti-malaria drug combination might be useful in helping to prevent pregnancy complications in women with lupus and the related disorder antiphospholipid syndrome, Yale School of Medicine researchers have found in a new study published in the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology. Pregnancy / Obstetrics News From Medical News Today