Taking the “Terrible” Out of the Two’s

Parents are often filled with an enormous amount of anxiety as their child approaches two years old. This age has been long stereotyped as one of the worst times during a child’s development. The “terrible twos” are predicted to be filled with crying and daily tantrums. Toddlers can in fact throw extraordinary tantrums but it […]

Managing Baby’s Colic

You welcome your little baby into the world and they are more wonderful than you could have ever imagined. A few weeks into their arrival, your little one starts to cry. At first you think that is normal after all, newborns cry often. After a few days you realize that these crying spells last for […]

100 reasons the pregnant lady may be crying

by Leah Speer posted in Mom Stories There are over a million reasons the pregnant lady may be crying, but I thought it’d be fun to showcase 100 reasons the pregnant lady may be crying. I cried at The Wedding Singer. The part when Adam Sandler’s character sings to Drew Barrymore’s character on the plane…. […]