The Magic of Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of year. It is a magical time of love and charity. It’s a time when all things seem possible. Christmas is a time of hope. It is God’s gift to all of us. Like many mothers, my Christmas wish this year was to have my sons home for the holidays. […]

5 ways to entertain your kids on Christmas Eve

by Denise Cortes posted in Tips & Tricks Every year my extended family gets together to celebrate the holidays on Christmas Eve. There is lots of food, love, laughter and gifts. But the gifts don’t happen until the stroke of midnight and it is Christmas day. Until then, we have to find ways to entertain… […]

What happens when a kid is naughty at Christmas time?

by Stacy-Ann Gooden posted in Mom Stories As the song goes, “He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice…” But what happens when a kid is naughty? Does Santa cross that child of his list? For the past week my preschooler has been giving us a hard time. At first, I chalked it up to… […]

My Recycled Christmas Wish List

by Julia Saboda posted in Mom Stories It’s holiday time. Christmas is literally around the corner. My mom asked me this weekend what’s on my last-minute list for Santa. Here’s the thing: I’m terrible at making wish lists. I know there’s plenty of things that I need and a handful of pricey things that I… […]

Dreaming of, but not having, a minimalist Christmas

by Betsy Shaw posted in Mom Stories I’ve read two different articles, one on Motherlode and one on Today, espousing the very good idea of harnessing the wildly materialistic side of Christmas. Both articles offer inspiration for toning down the consumer noise and keeping Christmas real. One mom suggests limiting kids’ gifts to three, the… […]

Deals of the week: 6 last-minute gifts to score before Christmas

by Lesley Kennedy posted in Products & Prizes Ooh, I really want to pay full price for that. Said no one. Ever. In a perfect world, we’d all have time to be extreme couponers, but there are mouths to feed, dishes to wash, work to be done. No worries – we’ve rounded up the week’s… […]

Bond with your kids while decorating these festive Christmas cookies

by Leah Speer posted in Life & Home These cookies are phenomenal!  Over the years, I’d beg my mom to make dozens each Christmas. As many of you know, I have very little patience for baking.  Very little…as you can see in my drippy iced cookies in this photo. But, once I had children of… […]

The Perfect Christmas Gift or Stocking Stuffer: Koss Fit Buds and Fit Clips Review

Koss FIt Buds and Fit Clips are designed by women, for women! Christmas came early for me this year! I am always looking for ear buds that stay in and fit comfortably. Koss sent me some of their new Fit Buds and Fit Clips to review as part of a Fitfluential campaign partnership. This post […]