New Baby, Small Budget

The news of a pregnancy can be very exciting, but equally as nerve racking.  How will I know what to do?  What type of parent will I be?  Will I be able to handle the labor?  How am I going to afford everything she needs?   Finances are a cause of stress for many young […]

Delicious Summer Dinners on a Budget

I love summer. There’s just so much going on. Summer concerts in the park. Hikes and bike rides. Barbecues with friends. Trips to the ice cream stand. Don’t Miss: Secrets to the Best Homemade Ice Cream (Without the Heavy Cream) EatingWell Blogs – All Blog Posts

Could you make Michelle Duggar’s grocery budget work?

by Sara McGinnis posted in Celebrities The Duggar family knows firsthand that just about everything gets expensive when you multiply times 19 (and counting). The large family featured on TLC has opened about their monthly grocery budget — and the totals are staggering. Writing on the 19 Kids and Counting blog, family matriarch Michelle Duggar…… […]