Genes play key role in brain injury risk for premature babies

Premature babies’ risk of brain injury is influenced by their genes, a new study suggests. Researchers have identified a link between injury to the developing brain and common variation in genes associated with schizophrenia and the metabolism of fat. The study builds on previous research, which has shown that being born prematurely — before 37 […]

Researchers discover how DHA omega-3 fatty acid reaches brain

The transporter protein Mfsd2a carries DHA to the brain, research has found. The findings have widespread implications for how DHA functions in human nutrition. The study marks the first time a genetic model for brain DHA deficiency and its functions in the brain has been made available. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid most abundantly […]

Study linking brain cancer and mobiles inconclusive

“Intensive mobile phone users at higher risk of brain cancers, says study,” The Guardian reports. The news is based on a French study which identified 447 adults who were diagnosed with the most common types of brain tumour (meningiomas or gliomas) between 2004 and 2006. It matched them with 892 people who hadn’t been diagnosed […]

Cannabis linked to brain differences in the young

“Using cannabis just once a week harms young brains,” the Daily Mail reports. The newspaper reports on an US study that took one-off brain MRI scans of a group of 20 young adult recreational cannabis users, and a comparison group of 20 non-users. They compared their brain structure, focusing on regions that are believed to […]

PET scans may improve brain injury diagnosis

“PET scans could predict extent of recovery from brain injury, trials show,” The Guardian reports. Evidence suggests that the advanced scanning devices may be able to detect faint signs of consciousness in people with severe brain injuries. The paper reports on a study that examined how accurate two specialised brain imaging techniques were at diagnosing […]

14 weeks: Pregnancy brain and salsa cravings

by Krissie Schmidt posted in Mom Stories “Did I put deodorant on both armpits this time?” “Did I feed the pets?”  “Where did I put my phone?” Pregnancy brain can make you feel like you’re going crazy. While my memory was by no means eidetic, I used to pride myself on my strongly detailed memory…. […]

Chemical exposure: the impact on infant brain development

There are more than 80,000 industrial chemicals in widespread use across the US. Around 3,000 of these chemicals are in products that we come into contact with every day, including clothing, carpets, toys, cleaning products and cosmetics. But is it safe to be so frequently exposed to these chemicals?Past studies have associated chemical exposure with […]

Pregnancy: overactive immune system linked to offspring brain damage

In a mouse study, researchers found that fetal mice who were exposed in the womb to a maternal immune system in overdrive – due to an infection or other illness – displayed lasting signs of brain damage into adulthood. And the investigators believe their findings could be relevant to human neurologic diseases, such as schizophrenia […]

Sex-specific patterns of recovery from newborn brain injury revealed by animal study

Physicians have long known that oxygen deprivation to the brain around the time of birth causes worse damage in boys than girls. Now a study by researchers conducted in mice reveals one possible reason behind this gender disparity and points to gender-specific mechanisms of brain repair following such injury. Infant’s Health News — ScienceDaily

Obesity in mothers alters babies’ weight through brain rewiring

Obese mothers are more likely to have children with metabolic disorders, but the underlying reasons for this effect have been unclear. A new study reveals that the offspring of mouse mothers on a high-fat diet are predisposed to obesity and diabetes because of abnormal neuronal circuits in the hypothalamus. The findings suggest that mothers who […]

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