Bond with your kids while decorating these festive Christmas cookies

by Leah Speer posted in Life & Home These cookies are phenomenal!  Over the years, I’d beg my mom to make dozens each Christmas. As many of you know, I have very little patience for baking.  Very little…as you can see in my drippy iced cookies in this photo. But, once I had children of… […]

Developing Bonds

Early in life a parent is everything to a child.  From caregiver to superhero, your little one looks up to you and turns to you for everything.  Each parent holds a special bond with his or her child, and it can be as different as night and day between those parents.  Spending time in strengthening […]

6 easy steps to create an unbreakable sibling bond

My daughter has always been extremely nurturing and kind hearted, so it didn’t surprise me that the initial encounter went so well. But, I also made it my priority to prepare her for our growing family. That said, here are five easy steps to create an unbreakable sibling bond. Want to get the full story? […]