Tech4MH: A guest blog series on technologies for improving maternal health care

The Maternal Health Task Force is excited to announce the launch of Tech4MH, a blog series that will focus on technologies that hold promise for meeting the challenges of delivering maternal health care in low resource settings. The series will feature posts from product designers, health technology and programming experts, and donors on innovations. Posts […]

A Birth Simulated with the ProntoPack – Blog series Part 2

In the second installment of Maternova’s feature on the low-cost highly effective ProntoPack Birth Simulator Kit, join us in learning additional information about where the innovation is helping train birth attendants, midwifes, and healthcare workers in safer birth practices. We also know that this system has been used at academic institutions in the United States… […]

Fistula care in Niger – blog post on anthro dissertation

Sai Hankuri » dissertating, diversions, and data. Fascinating early data from Ali Heller (doctoral candidate in anthropology @ Washington University in St Louis) on the social landscape of fistula patients within Niger.  As she points out, a lot of typical claims made about fistula patients do not hold up in her sample – I’m looking […]