Curved soles ‘no better than flats’ for back pain

“Shoes with curved unstable soles are no better than traditional trainers for reducing lower back pain,” BBC News reports, after a small but well-designed study found no significant benefit in people wearing “rocker sole” shoes. The study involved 115 adults with chronic lower back pain who were randomised into two groups: rocker sole trainers or normal […]

Popcorn vs. Pretzels: Which Is a Better Choice for a Low-Calorie Snack?

Popcorn and pretzels—these are two salty snacks people often reach for if they’re looking for lower-calorie options or just seeking out healthy snack ideas. And with thousands of snacks to choose from, it’s hard to know what snack food is the best pick. We put these two popular snacks head-to-head to find out: this or […]

Larger newborn care units provide better protection for very preterm babies

New estimates to assess how organizational factors in England impact clinical outcomes of infants born preterm have been outlined by a new study. Results demonstrated that for preterm babies born at less than 33 weeks gestation, the odds of dying in hospital were 32 per cent less if they were admitted to high volume units […]

7 Diet Tips to Help You Eat Better

Despite the various low-fat diets, low-carb diets, diet pills and energy drinks, we still have a weight gain and obesity problem around the globe. There are no shortcuts to getting lean and fit. Don’t place your fat loss and weight… (Visited 49 times, 1 visits today) The post 7 Diet Tips to Help You Eat […]

Antenatal classes for better mother-baby bonding

A one-off 3-hour antenatal class called ‘Click’ provides prospective parents with the knowledge and practical skills to build strong parent-infant bonds, according to new research. The quality of antenatal classes provided in the UK is currently quite variable in terms of length and content; with some receiving nothing, while others attend classes for as much […]

Thai Fried Rice recipe that’s better than takeout, and cheaper too!

Tonight’s assignment: figure out how to turn one pork chop into dinner for four. It doesn’t take a miracle—just this fabulous recipe for Thai Fried Rice. In four easy steps, I can make one of my favorite takeout dishes at home. Don’t Miss: Healthy Thai Food Recipes EatingWell Blogs – All Blog Posts

6 reasons running makes you a better mom

by Leah Speer posted in Mom Stories The door shut behind me—a vast blue sky and fresh air welcomed me.  It was literally, just me…not mom, not wife, not daughter or friend or Luke’s mom. Just me, Leah.  Nice to meet you, world. I took in my first deep breath and began to run. To… […]

Cabernet Coaches Connect, Have Fun and Live Better

by Heather Dugan CONSISTENT CONNECTION I call them cabernet coaches. No, they aren’t highly specialized sommeliers or vineyard strategists—and some of them actually prefer the chardonnay. Rather, these are the loosely gathered and rather eclectic group of women I meet… No visits yet The post Cabernet Coaches Connect, Have Fun and Live Better appeared first […]

High-frequency breathing support for premature babies could lead to better lung function

Premature babies supported immediately after birth by high-frequency oscillation — a type of breathing support — had better lung function as adolescents than those who received conventional ventilation, research has found. The children ventilated with the high frequency method also showed higher academic achievement in three of eight school subjects. Infant’s Health News — ScienceDaily

Studies of gut flora in infants, toddlers could lead to better health

Breastfeeding until at least nine months of age increases prevalence in the gastrointestinal tract of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, species which are known to contribute to development of a healthy immune system, according to a paper describing the establishment of the intestinal microbiota during the first three years of life. Infant’s Health News — ScienceDaily

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