Doubt cast on the benefits of omega-3 for the brain

 "The great superfood U-turn," claims the Mail Online today, suggesting that scientists have shown that "feasting on salmon and nuts may not preserve brainpower after all". The news is based on a study of more than 2,000 older women. The researchers looked at the relationship between their blood levels of two omega-3 fatty acids and […]

Benefits of Berries

Because of their bright colors, wonderful smell and interesting textures, berries are a real treat.  Did you know that they are just as healthy as they are delicious? Berries are special because of their high levels of phytochemicals, which are nutrients that help protect against cell damage.  Here are some benefits of berries: Improved mental […]

Parents’ vaccine intentions influenced by how benefits are communicated

In a study designed to formally look at the content of parent-targeted communications about the benefits of vaccination for measles, mumps and rubella, investigators report that the framing of these messages influences parents’ intentions to immunize their children. Infant’s Health News — ScienceDaily

No Breast Cancer Benefits From Bisphosphonates

(MedPage Today) — Contrary to observational research, taking bisphosphonates for osteoporosis doesn’t appear to be protective against breast cancer in postmenopausal women, researchers found. MedPage Today OB/Gyn

Maternal singing during skin-to-skin contact benefits both preterm infants, mothers

A mother who sings to her preterm infant while providing ‘kangaroo care,’ or holding with direct skin-to-skin contact, may see improvements in both her child’s and her own health. The finding comes from a study of 86 mother-infant pairs in a neonatal intensive care unit. Infant’s Health News — ScienceDaily

Eye-Opening Benefits of Green Tea

Drinking green tea may reduce your risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s and stroke, but tea’s benefits don’t stop there: new research shows it can also keep you looking younger. A recent study found that green tea extract applied to the eye area daily for 8 weeks diminished crow’s-feet wrinkles. That’s due to the high levels of […]

Cherry Recipes Make the Most of the Wonder Fruit’s Benefits

Sweet cherries are here, and because most are grown along the lengthy West Coast the season lasts from mid-May in California to the end of the harvest in Washington in August. Intensely flavorful and juicy, cherries are not a hard sell. But their long list of powerful nutrients seals the deal: they’re rich in anthocyanins […]

Text messaging program benefits pregnant women, study finds

The leading mobile health service in the nation, Text4baby, was found to significantly benefit pregnant women, according to a new study. The pilot study examined several things including the short-term effects of Text4baby exposure four weeks post enrollment on attitudes, beliefs and behaviors targeted by the text messages. Infant’s Health News — ScienceDaily

Delayed Cord Clamping: The vast benefits of doing nothing for a little while

What is one of the first interventions we perform on a normal birth? What is so ‘normal’ that we don’t even think of it as an intervention? Cutting the cord! Dr. Greene is asking questions about this intervention… See the original post: Delayed Cord Clamping: The vast benefits of doing nothing for a little while […]

Babies prefer fairness — but only if it benefits them — in choosing a playmate

Babies as young as 15 months preferred people with the same ethnicity as themselves — a phenomenon known as in-group bias, or favoring people who have the same characteristics as oneself. The findings show that 15-month-old babies value a person’s fairness — whether or not an experimenter equally distributes toys — unless babies see that […]

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