11 beautiful before & after maternity photos

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories It’s true, what everybody says: In the end, the memory of childbirth quickly fades. Looking back, I don’t recall exactly what I was thinking, or what people said, or even how much it hurt. Even years later, though, I do still remember the moment when the doctor laid… […]

7 photos to take of your baby before the end of the year

by Jennifer Borget posted in Tips & Tricks My Christmas tree and decorations are already packed away, I’m one of those people who enjoy getting it all cleaned up and cleared out before ringing in the New Year. But right after getting my husband to haul it up to the attic, I realized I hardly… […]

Deals of the week: 6 last-minute gifts to score before Christmas

by Lesley Kennedy posted in Products & Prizes Ooh, I really want to pay full price for that. Said no one. Ever. In a perfect world, we’d all have time to be extreme couponers, but there are mouths to feed, dishes to wash, work to be done. No worries – we’ve rounded up the week’s… […]

Father’s diet before conception may be crucial for baby’s health

by Gwen Dewar, Ph.D. posted in Mom Stories When it comes to making babies, everybody knows that a mother’s lifestyle matters. During gestation, a mother’s habits and nutritional status can have powerful effects on the way a baby develops. Folate, for instance, is so important for brain development and the prevention of birth defects that… […]

Poor Diet Before Pregnancy Linked with Preterm Birth

For the first time, researchers have confirmed that women who eat a poor diet before they become pregnant are around 50% more likely to have a preterm birth than those on a healthy diet. The study shows that women who consistently ate a diet high in protein and fruit prior to becoming pregnant were less […]

Alcohol use before pregnancy linked to intestinal birth defect

Women should refrain from drinking alcohol before they try to become pregnant, according to maternal-fetal medicine specialists. Alcohol is associated with an increased risk for mental delays, cardiac anomalies and facial clefting in babies. In a recent study, researchers also found that alcohol is linked to gastroschisis, a birth defect of the baby’s abdominal wall. […]

Grab some tissues before you watch: Big brother gets big news

by Jennifer Borget posted in Mom Stories Siblings are very special people. Being the oldest of five myself, I understand the responsibility and honor that comes along with it. Even still, the reaction of 11-year-old Logan when he finds out the news is priceless. He was asked to read a letter on camera, but little… […]

Children exposed to methamphetamine before birth have increased cognitive problems

Youngsters exposed to methamphetamine before birth had increased cognitive problems at age 7.5 years, highlighting the need for early intervention to improve academic outcomes and reduce the potential for negative behaviors. The researchers studied 151 children exposed to methamphetamine before birth and 147 who were not exposed to the drug. They found the children with […]

What would you want your child to see before they couldn’t?

by Jennifer Borget posted in Mom Stories A couple weeks ago I was incredibly touched by the story of a 12-year-old boy losing his sight. Louis “Louie” Corbett’s parents want to show him the world while he can still see—Or rather, his top several choices of what he would like to witness with his own… […]

Photos: Pumping breast milk like you’ve never seen before

by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories “When you log over 9,000 hours behind a breast pump you start to get creative,” explains Jen Jamar from the blog Life With Levi, whose pumping photo series is quite the sight to see. The self-described “boring business analyst by day and professional loudmouth by night” has taken… […]