Father’s diet before conception may be crucial for baby’s health

by Gwen Dewar, Ph.D. posted in Mom Stories When it comes to making babies, everybody knows that a mother’s lifestyle matters. During gestation, a mother’s habits and nutritional status can have powerful effects on the way a baby develops. Folate, for instance, is so important for brain development and the prevention of birth defects that… […]

19 weeks: I’m staring at your baby’s feet.

by Krissie Schmidt posted in Mom Stories Sleeping on my side Discomfort I just can’t hide pinching pains I just can’t bare. Oh that’s right! There’s a baby in there I can’t get comfortable while sitting, I can’t get comfortable while lying down. I certainly can’t find comfort while standing. Was it this bad with… […]

Estimating baby’s size gets more precise

New research aims to help doctors estimate the size of newborns with a new set of birth weight measurements based on birth records from across the country. Since birth size is often used as one indicator of a baby’s health, these new thresholds may be useful for clinicians in making health care decisions. Researchers also […]

7 easy, homemade baby wipe recipes for baby’s bum

by Denise Cortes posted in Life & Home I am obsessed with wet wipes. Okay, to be more specific–I’m obsessed with butt wipes. Is that TMI? Oh well. When I had my first child sixteen long years ago, I was introduced to the magical world of wet wipes. Yes, they were meant for my baby’s… […]

9 ways to bring your baby’s fever down naturally

by Denise Cortes posted in Tips & Tricks As a young mother, there was nothing worse than dealing with a sick child that was burning up with a fever. The red-hot cheeks, the crying from discomfort and fatigue and their listless little bodies laying against your chest once they finally succumbed to sleep–it would break… […]

Are baby wipes safe for your baby’s skin?

by Jenni Buckley posted in Mom Stories What do you use to wipe your baby’s bottom? What about their face? If you are like a large percentage of parents, chances are you’re wiping your babies with disposable baby wipes. The wipes are convenient and relatively inexpensive, but could they be causing allergic outbreaks? Several children… […]