Simple Life Hacks to Make Your Routine Easy and Kids Happy

Here are a few little tricks you can try to make life a little simpler without spending any money.


  1. Laundry basket in the tub. When your little one is not big enough to move around the bathtub to catch his runaway bath toys, try placing a laundry basket in the bathtub.  You can place the toddler and all of his toys inside the laundry basket, so the toys cannot escape his reach.  The water and bubbles easily move in/out of the basket and the weight of the child holds the basket in place.  Of course, the child should never be left unattended.
  2. Cell phone for little ones. For whatever reason, babies, toddlers and children are fascinated with their parents’ cell phones.  Toy cell phones never seem to satisfy.  So, when you upgrade your cell phone, hold onto your old phone and give it to your child to use for play.  He can use the camera phone and dial as he wishes.
  3. Shoe shopping: When you need to go shoe shopping for your kids but would prefer to go solo, try this tip. Trace your child’s footprint on a piece of paper.  Leave your kid with your spouse or a babysitter, and bring your outline.  You can find shoes to fit his outline, while shopping solo.
  4. Make a monster spray. Is your little one afraid of monsters in the closet or under the bed?  Create a “Monster Spray” concoction in a spray bottle to repel any potential monster intruders.  Take a clean spray bottle and fill it with your magic potion (which will be water), add some cute decorations to the bottle and keep it handy for bedtime.
  5. Shoe caddy behind car seat for toys/snacks. If you are going on a long road trip, you know that you will want to keep your kids fed and entertained.  Use a shoe caddy and place it behind the drivers and passenger seats of your car.  Fill the pockets with small toys and even snacks or water bottles.  This way, your kids can easily reach what they need without interrupting your driving.