Sibling-Free Dates

Imagine being the only child, for whatever period of time that is, and enjoying your parents and extended family completely by yourself. Children are incredibly egocentric so the transition of a new addition to the family and be taxing on the first-born child. It is truly important that parents of a newborn make sure to continue to foster the relationship with their first child. The older sibling deserves to feel wonderful and special. They will immediately understand that something has been taken away from them, as there will be less attention that is given to them as parents deal with the demands of a needy newborn. Here are a few clever ways to spend individual time with each child: 

  1. Plan Ahead! Pick a day after school or on the weekend and schedule a date with your child. It does not have to be anything elaborate. A stack of pancakes for breakfast at your child’s favorite restaurant or some frozen yogurt from the shop around the corner would be a great treat. Whatever the idea, mark it on the family calendar. It will make your child feel wonderful to see “Connor and Dad – Burgers at the Burger Palace at 4pm,” marked in red for Saturday. The anticipation alone will have your child feeling fantastic all week. 
  2. Divide and Conquer – The weekends are often spent running errands that can’t be taken care of during the week. Use this as the perfect time for the children to get alone time with one parent. Instead of doing the entire errand list together, split it down the middle sharing the other half with your partner. This way each child gets the attention of one parent. Plus, after enjoying the quality one-on-one time, there will be more time to spend together as a family.