Me Too!

The adjustment of a new baby in the home can be hard on an older sibling or even on the family pet. Newborns are incredibly needy and whether or not your older child is completely self-sufficient, they will still be accustomed to a certain level of attention from you as well as extended family. While adults understand the stages of pregnancy, younger children may not truly grasp the idea of a baby being in the house. This makes the actual time the baby comes home a huge transition. While it is inevitable that transitioning from one child to two will bring a huge adjustment for everyone in the family, here are a few ways to make the transition a little easier for your older child: 

  1. Make a schedule from the start. Use the enthusiasm of your extended family and friends and schedule times that they can entertain your older child. A trip to the park, the movies, a museum or even a quick lunch would be a great plan. Family could even simply come over and bake cookies with your child. These small gestures go a long way with emotional transitions. These “play dates” will not only be fun for your older child, but will give you an opportunity to spend valuable one-on-one time with your newborn.
  2. Practice! It is extremely important that the older sibling feels as if their presence is important. Give them a role to do in the house. Place the diapers in a place that they can reach. Teach them how to refill the box of wipes. Simple tasks will help the older sibling feel empowered. If your older sibling is a pet, train them to fetch a specific baby toy that they will be able to bring once the baby arrives.