Fill Your Freezer!

There are so many things to do before a baby comes into the world. You spend a significant amount of time “nesting” in anticipation of your little ones arrival. Once every onesie is cleaned, the car seat is properly installed and the rocking chair and the changing table are in their proper places waiting to be used, its time to refocus your attention on food. A significant period of time needs to be spent on preparing freezer friendly meals to consume for the first few weeks that your baby is home. This does not need to be an overwhelming process. Here are a few simple ways to make sure that you are consuming nutritious meals that can be prepared quickly:

  1. Love Your Crockpot – There are countless dishes that can be prepped ahead of time and frozen to cook in your crockpot at a later date. Nothing is easier to do when juggling the challenges of a newborn, then to open your freezer, toss in the contents of a freezer safe zip lock bag and walk away. The cockpot will cook your food without the fuss of standing over the stove and you will have a healthy dinner in a few hours time. 
  2. Cook for Four –You have perfected several recipes over time that you cook to feed you and your partner at dinner. An easy way to cook for the future is to simply double or even triple the recipe that you usually make. Place the leftovers in an aluminum pan, seal and place in the freezer. These meals do not require an enormous amount of time as you are already cooking that evening. That meal can then be placed in the oven to reheat for dinner during the first few weeks when baby is home.