Cold Weather Food Traps

When the weather turns cold, we tend to turn to comfort foods.  Typically, these are high fat, high calorie choices that add a little extra to our midsection insulation.  Follow these tips to avoid falling into the trap of overconsumption of favorite, unhealthy cold weather foods.


  1. Avoid “creamy” anything! See the word creamy in a food description and immediately substitute the word “fattening.”  Creamy foods are typically made with heavy cream or full fat milk.  Therefore, they taste delicious but should only be eaten in very small proportions.
  2. Avoid the trap of seasonal coffee drinks. Seasonal coffee drinks look beautiful, smell great, and usually taste great.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that they are harmless just because coffee has virtually no calories.  Many seasonal coffee drinks pack up to 500 calories in one drink!  Most of the drinks are full of full fat milk and cream, as well as high amounts of sugar.  Instead, opt for traditional brewed coffee or even a cappuccino with nonfat milk for something frothy and savory.
  3. Limit your dessert intake. During the holiday season, we are bombarded with cookie exchanges, pies and cakes.  Don’t restrict yourself from enjoying an occasional dessert, but be wary of overindulging.  One simple way is to take a small dessert plate and choose one dessert item.  If you place your food on the plate, you will see what you are eating and be more mindful.  If you graze past the dessert table, picking up a single cookie each time, you may end up eating much more than you realize.
  4. Limit high calorie drinks. Many warm drinks such as apple cider, hot cholate and hot liquors can have high sugar contents and a lot of calories.  Instead, opt for hot tea sweetened with honey for a low calorie warming drink.